Easter Rites are among the most felt (and attended) events in Taranto, Apulia, Southern Italy. Holy Week Rites are essential in defining both culture and religion through a tradition dating back to 1703, which has turned a religious procession into an event involving the whole local population. Every year, from Palm Sunday to Easter, processions and rites take place in Taranto, and people are all highly emotionally touched and involved.
Brothers from the confraternities walk in couples, very slowly, swinging from left to right and back, with a particular kind of step called “nazzecata” in the local dialect. Our Lady of Sorrows is carried in procession, and the population follows.
This is a very significant event in our country.

HOLY WEEK RITES IN TARANTO is a joint work co-signed by Claudia Ioan & Massimiliano Tuveri as Officine Creative Italiane.

Taranto (Apulia, Italy), 2015


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